• Application development and integration
    OneByOne builds and integrates software for business. We help you to manage products, people and properties with digital precision. Work with us to build your technology products and grow in competitive markets.

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    About us
  • About OneByOne

    Our mission is to deliver complex technology solutions for enterprise partners.

    We develop and integrate solutions for business processes. OneByOne teams are based in Singapore, Melbourne and Indonesia. We build product and technology expertise within our teams to help execute on product roadmaps and rapidly grow customer experiences.

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    Logistics Processes

    “We were running parts of our business with spread sheets, moving to web based tools has helped us grow rapidly” SCMG

    Use a complete management solution for orders, invoicing, payments and shipping. Let customers connect directly to software and cut down on manual processes.

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    Financial Services

    Banking and Financial services are segmenting at a rapid pace. We help shape and deliver solutions for B&FS.

    Banking and insurance providers need to innovate and iterate faster than ever. We help Fintechs and large scale B&FS brands to build secure and compelling financial operations tools.

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    Property Management

    Digitise spaces, warehouses, commercial and shared spaces.

    We integrate and develop web based tools to build digital a version of assets. Get visibility for spaces, audits, occupancy, rates, compliance and invoicing of office and commercial spaces.

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  • Technology expertise



    Typically our clients rely on us to build and connect APIs, SAAS apps, infrastructure and code bases.

    Front End

    Responsive, intuitive Front End Development. Not only for your operations but for your customers and partner channels


    Design is at the heart of OneByOne culture. We work hard to research and build logical and engaging software


    We design and build powerful web applications to solve complex business problems.


    Handcrafted apps for iOS and Android to streamline all of your processes and drive customer engagement.


    Quality is about persistence and an engaged culture. If you are promising a solid Customer Experience, - QA is critical.



    Logistics management

    Control resources including staff, compliance, processes, office space and scheduling. "We were running our whole business with spreadsheets and paper, moving our business to web based tools has helped us grow rapidly" Waco Tao, SCMG Logistics

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  • Modules we provide as a managed service;

    Property Management

    Sales, Manager Controls, Maintenance

    Warehouse Management

    Pick & Pack, Driver Control, Compliance

    Inventory Management

    Dashboards, Invoicing, and Analytics

    Time & Attendance

    Scheduling, Payroll, Recruit, Comms

  • Inventory

    Hand built enterprise solutions

    Stop using old software or a mix of applications. We can streamline your inventory management, raw material ordering, financial reporting and operations. Produce bill of materials, invoices, demand forecasts, budgets and more. We can build an affordable customised solution to suit your needs.

    Financial Reporting

    Execute your strategy with precision

    We help our customers to rebuild operational tools and databases to make them more efficient and effective. Applications that allow teams to work faster and more securely are critical to modern work environments.

    Process Management

    Control processes and scale rapidly​

    Building specific solutions for your processes and needs can be high risk and costly. OneByOne delivers incrementally so our teams can integrate and share expertise. We can build an affordable customised solution to suit your needs.


    Meet, share and grow together

    Your workplace teams are full of smart people. They need modern, secure solutions to help them share their expertise and maintain critical security needs. Get the best our of every employee and line of expertise with better solutions. 

    Data Security

    Store and ship with digital precision​

    Move to a simpler infrastructure solution based on the key platforms including AWS and Azure. Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering provides a scalable, stable and robust IT solution. The AWS platform delivers virtualised infrastructure and network services such as network storage, databases, identity management, virtual private cloud and virtual servers with auto scaling and load balancing.

    Material Ordering

    Lock down critical functions

    We specialise in database driven applications with feature rich user interfaces. Our database solutions are carefully crafted to ensure optimised speed and performance. Our background includes extensive experience with leading solutions, including MS Access and SQL Server database solutions.

  • Operate with better visibility to resources, customers and assets.




    Property management

    We provide web based tools to help build digital a version of assets. Get visibility for audits, occupancy, rates, compliance and invoicing of office and commercial spaces.

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  • Property

    Mobile friendly


    Tasks, support, sales


    Reporting and invoicing


    Powerful sales tools

  • Portfolio Valuation

    Build valuable market insight so you can support valuations, acquisitions, financing and negotiations.

    Asset Dashboard


    Allows property teams to track commercial investment assets and portfolios. On the left control panel, the user can enter and fine tune variables and connect to external databases to get accurate real-time information.


    Our proprietary algorithms provide you with reliable measures needed to support decision making. Build valuable market insight so you can support valuations, acquisitions, financing and negotiations.


    Built from the ground up, in-house, by OneByOne. This portal is license free and tested across markets.

  • Know every customer

    Treat users like people that matter

    Replace manual processes, spread sheets and multiple software systems that don't talk to each other. We can help build a complete customer management solution for orders, invoicing, payments, shipping and more. Let your customers connect directly to your software to cut down on double entry and manual processes.

    Customer Management

    Give teams the power to sell rapidly

    A digital business should have a clear view of each customer to serve better and maximise relationships. Give your sales team the data they need to grow opportunities and manage your brand. OneByOne integrates solutions from leading technology providers to give you the best solution for your needs.

    Localise relationships

    Target people with relevant offers

    It pays to fine tune you sales processes for each opportunity. We treat every potential client as an individual with solutions that identify users. In each location, language, sales maturity and personal motivation the customer base needs to be understood and managed. The database of your business customers is a key asset.

    Product design

    Carefully crafted technology ​

    We integrate systems from across platforms to help our customers get the best value from their digital products. From enterprise deployments to hand built applications we work for our customers to make them successful. Your customers expect fast, simple and secure software experiences across and of their digital devices. 

    Data research

    Our expertise in data management

    We gather data through survey processes - but larger volumes are best accessed directly to app databases or via APIs. Analysis of large amounts of data, how to make analytics consumable and how Research findings can be used is an area we love to get delivered. Patterns in data like how does the market impact mortgages or how do seasons affect the value of commodities are key instruments for B&FS.

    Financial modelling

    Algorithms and financial instruments

    We help to shape how an application uses data to make credit decisions, what Financial products are suitable to a customer, or how a CRM offering can best optimise a cohort of targets. For several of our clients in finance it is critical to reduce human decision making for contracts, asset value or pricing. We build algorithms to help calculate and manage data through web based software.

  • About us

    Formed in Melbourne in 2006 we have grown quickly by building simple, powerful technology. We help businesses in Australia, Singapore and Indonesia to focus on their core capabilities while relying on OneByOne to delivery complex technology solutions. Contact us today to discuss your business.

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  • Partnering with clients

    Our mission is to help our clients to manage their technology business. OneByOne teams quickly learn your business operations, competitors and the services that make your brand unique. OneByOne's design and technology expertise give you the power to compete more aggressively.


    We're in it for the long haul so we don't charge large project fees - instead our clients pay a base monthly service fee.

    Execute faster

    Reduce operational costs, execute faster and build a more flexible team. OneByOne teams are based in Batam Indonesia, off the coast of Singapore. We work in the same time zone as our key clients and shape our teams around domain expertise and technology stacks.


    Culture is super important to building digital products so we encourage you to visit our offices, and for our people to visit client sites.

    Get started

    We take great pride in carefully crafting every solution we support. You need week-in, week-out support and that's how we've made our clients succeed. Contact us today.

  • Platforms

    Product selection and integration is tough work. We help our clients to select the right platforms, code bases and features to help you scale and deliver on your strategic needs. Here are the key technologies we partner with and strongly recommend considering;

    Bitrix 24


    Integrated tools for client management, tasks and projects, customer support, internal communications and e-commerce. We love the B24 code base and flexible platform.


    HCM, FIN

    A new platform for OneByOne - Workday is web based SAAS with excellent design qualities. An entire suite of global applications for enterprise – from Finance to HR – all delivered in the cloud, all designed for the way you work.

    AWS Infrastructure

    Hosting infrastructure

    On-demand cloud computing platform on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. AWS is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.


    API Management

    A unified API management across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Now owned by Salesforce we find this one comprehensive and easy to work with.


    CRM Sales

    An aerial view of everything you know about the people, companies and other organisations that you do business with. Sales pipelines, tasks, roles, social connections and simple mobile apps for iSO and Android.

    Sqreen Security

    Hardening, monitoring

    Sqreen connects directly to your technology stack to secure and mitigate risk. A powerful monitoring and protection platform. Easily enable protection modules (RASP, in-app WAF and more) tailored for visibility into your security and scale it in production.


    API Library

    Allows us to connect apps and automate workflows. Easy automation and transfer of info between web apps, so you can focus on your most important work and integrate better with partners.

    WordPess Enterprise

    ERP, CRM

    On-demand cloud computing platform on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. AWS is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.


    CMS Services

    Modern products for sales, marketing and support to connect with customers and grow faster. Acquire, engage and support consumer customers. Intercom offers a series of comms tools and customer intelligence.

    Zoho ERP


    One suite of more than 40 integrated business and productivity applications for your entire organisation. Simply turn on an app and connect multiple apps so different teams can work together to manage customers, finances and work productively.

    Shopify Plus

    Commerce, 3PL

    Digital commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. Great for consumer sales and very customisable. Cloud based, seamless, well secured and a very robust API library.


    Business Intel, Data

    Bi tools that help people see and understand their data. We love the APIs and visual library. Anyone can analyse data with intuitive drag & drop products. Combine multiple views of data to get richer insight.

  • Why choose OneByOne

    Experts on call

    Reliable tech expertise

    Each employee on your team at least three years of experience in his or her field. Each team has grown internally, trained in their technology domain and trusted with client security needs - and each is supervised by a technical lead. So you won’t run into any issue with technology expertise or client focus.

    Custom teams

    Domain expertise

    We pair you with creative leads and developers whose talents specifically match your individual needs. We don’t try to hit you with setup costs, so you’ll only pay for the work done. In fact, you get to choose whether to hire your team on a monthly or project agreement. We provide free project management tools to communicate and get in sync with your team.


    Seamless communications

    We work in your time zone. Our key projects are in Singapore, Australia, China and Indonesia. We don't pitch for work in other countries so that we can guarantee service for our clients, and build a sustainable work and personal time balance for our teams.

    Quality guarantee

    Scaleable value

    Quality software is a gradual process. We test and fine tune with a series of quantified, but also qualified BA, UX and QA processes. Engineering skills are not enough to get the products that business users needs.

  • Agile project management

    What tools do we use to work across projects and teams?

    Project control

    Team projects

    Project manager

    Video meetings

    Chat and assets

    Assets sharing

  • Contact us

    Melbourne, Australia

    Level 2, 401 Collins Street

    Melbourne 3000

    Victoria, Australia

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    One George Street
    1 George Street #10-01,
    Singapore 049145

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